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Hi, my name is Chloë. I'm obsessed with food and emotional about food waste. nibs etc. makes delicious and nutritious, upcycled snacks from industry byproducts that normally get thrown away, to fight food waste. Because food waste is totally nuts, we are changing daily rituals, nibble by nibble.

At nibs etc. we're on a mission to design 'waste' out of our dictionaries. We celebrate nutritious yet misunderstood ingredients – byproducts – such as British apple juice pulp which is naturally high in fibre, and marry them with high quality ingredients. Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, according to Project Drawdown. By upcycling ingredients that otherwise get thrown away, we not only tackle the environmental issues but also the socio-economic challenges posed by wasteful supply chains; by making sure valuable nutrients such as fibre and protein are being used to feed humans, and not animals, energy or landfill.

The story behind the business
Meet Nibs Etc

What started as a blog about upcycling leftovers and no waste recipes, evolved offline in the form of events, popups, supperclubs. After winning our first few awards, nibs etc. incorporated in January 2018, launched at Borough Market, where we’ve been trading every week since, and scooped up our 2nd WeWork Creator Award; this one awarded to us by none other than Ashton Kutcher (who may or may not have called me the "snacking queen" - I'm going with it). We spent the next year investing our new funds into developing our circular supply chain - think reusable containers, return logistics, local suppliers - moving out of our commercial kitchen and into a co-manufacturing partnership.

And then, Covid. Many of you know what happened next, but for those who don't: enter the Emergency Mixes. Covid wiped out our entire juice pulp supply chain, our team shrank back down to 1, and any momentum we'd gained with potential customers, evaporated. But thanks to the incredible support and understanding of you, our customers, we were able to survive on Emergency Mixes and find a new juice pulp supplier. The silver lining, we've learnt how incredibly supportive you are, how resilient we are, and the importance of diversifying our supply chain. Our juice pulp is now made up of 100% British Apple varieties that will change seasonally which is why we label each run by 'Batch' . We are growing our team and our product ranges. And you can now find us in all 7 UK Whole Foods, on Selfridges' shelves and in select independent stores around London.

Excitingly, we recently joined the Upcycled Food Association. The upcycled food industry is growing quickly as more and more customers, investors and retailers recognise the power upcycled foods and ingredients have to reshape the food industry. We are proud to be at the forefront of the upcycling revolution.

What a journey it has been! Each year has been a little different... and I'm sure will continue to be. I hope you join us for the ride, with a bowl of juice pulp granola.

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