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Ollie Cooper is a lettering artist from South London who specialises in signwriting, murals and branding. His work is hand-crafted, bold and playful, providing commentary on subjects such as pop culture, societal and environmental issues.

The story behind the business
Meet Ollie Cooper Signs

My work explores a mix of traditional sign-writing techniques and bold contemporary styles to create playful and vibrant pieces. The glass frames in this collection are vintage and have been carefully sourced, something which I feel is vital in amplifying messages about sustainability.

I enjoy injecting humour into my work through wordplay and use of common or topical phrases. Sometimes it’s the simple concepts that have the biggest impact or resonate most with people. My art is also a vehicle for me to advocate for causes I am passionate about, such as climate change, positivity and equality.

I aim to create art that leaves a lasting impression. I get a great sense of pride when someone commissions or buys something that they feel deserves to be in their personal space.


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