Su Owen

Norwich, norfolk.

A sense of fun is at the heart of my characters and designs. I like to make things that hopefully bring a little joy and make people smile. It's also important to me that the materials I use for my products are as sustainable as possible, can be recycled or are made from recycled waste. I'm now proud to have built a collection of brooches that are made from sustainable walnut and neckerchiefs that are made using Regenesis satin, a fabric created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials.

The story behind the business
Meet Su Owen

A couple of years ago I found myself unable to continue with my teaching job and was stuck at home due to a condition called adenomyosis. Adenomyosis is often referred to as the 'evil twin' of endometriosis. Both conditions are said to affect 1 in 10 women and can often cause debilitating symptoms.

Unable to work outside the home, I needed to be able to design and make products that were small enough for the kitchen table and easy to send. Being at home so much, I'd read and watched a lot about the havoc we wreak on our environment and I wanted that to somehow be an integral part of my collections, however, it was also important to me that my products were still fun and wearable! So, initially I created my 'Save Our Seas' collection of wooden brooches, these were very well received and spurred me on to work on more collections. To compliment the brooches, I also turned my attention back to creating designs for fabrics, something I have done off and on for a long time. Again, the focus for my new designs was on the type of fabric, I wanted to use material that had as small an impact on the planet as possible. I then came across the Regenesis satin, which I now use for my neckerchiefs, the fact it is made from plastic packaging waste was a no brainer for me!

I'm happy to say after undergoing surgery for adenomyosis in May '23, that I'm so much better and looking forward to expanding my collections even further.

founder Credentials

  • 50s Plus Founder
  • Female Founded Business


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