Artist Survival Techniques stands in front of a mural wall painted with a large pink triangle along with yellow, orange and blue and a yellow sun above

Survival Techniques

Brighton & Hove, East sussex

Hello, I’m Naomi and I create art that aims to promote hope and optimism and bring a little light to someone having a dark day. I collect people’s coping strategies and then craft the heart of their messages into typographic artworks that offer a kindness and an opening of possibility. Across street art, painting, print and textiles, Survival Techniques celebrates our shared experiences, our strengths and the current of hope within that keeps us moving forwards.

The story behind the business
Meet Survival Techniques

8 years ago after a period of feeling low and fairly lonely with it, I wrote a ‘note to self’ list of things that relieved some of the heaviness and made me feel a little happier.

Simple actions were key, such as 'Talk to someone, anyone, about anything' which I wrote after chatting to a local shopkeeper for a just few minutes; I left the shop feeling a part of the world again.

Initially my list was private and I was embarrassed for people to see it, but one day I told a friend who immediately said that the same things worked for her.

I collected lists from friends and family, and wanted to share their words in the hope of connecting with and helping someone.

I painted ‘Hide Less Chat More’ on a battered wall in London and everything grew organically from there. Artworks are now spread far across the globe in public spaces, galleries and people’s homes.

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
  • LGBTQIA Business
  • Socially Positive


The Bridge - Metway Studio

55 Canning Street


East Sussex


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