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Tales of Me books have been created to help children and parents turn the big adventures in life into personalised tales. Through the power of personalisation, our Tales place your child at the centre of their book making the story easy to relate to and easier to learn from as they instantly see how the changes will affect their world.

Tales of Me books have been thoughtfully designed to engage all types of learning & communication styles so that all children will enjoy them. Actively taking photographs and sticking them in, filling in the blank spaces with writing or colouring, naturally inspires conversation through both the content of the books and the unique and beautiful designs and illustrations.

The books are eye-catching as well as durable so that once completed they can be read as often as children choose to read them, and become a treasured memory of an important milestone to keep forever.

All of our products have been designed to help support children's emotional wellbeing through supporting their independence and each individual chid's needs.

The story behind the business
Meet Tales of Me Books

Tales of Me came to life when mother and teacher Natalie, decided she wanted to help support children through the big adventures and times of change in their lives. She knew that the power of personalisation, is a magical tool that can help children positively prepare for the big moments in life through visualisation. She had used similar strategies in her Reception classroom and also with her own daughter when she started nursery and to help prepare her for life as an older sister.

But while she might have known all of that, the thing she absolutely could not do was draw to save her life! And thankfully, that is where the incredibly talented designer and illustrator Kirsten came to her rescue to make an idea become a reality! With her beautiful, playful and colourful illustrations, Kirsten brought the books to life.

founder Credentials

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