Text from a Kid

Glasgow, Scotland

Meet the new kid on the block. This cute sidekick brand created by Text From A Friend, and a little person, has finally launched. We're kicking off with greetings cards and notecards but watch this space for more :)

The story behind the business
Meet Text from a Kid

Hey - Sharon here - founder of Text From A Friend. Let me introduce my brand new sidekick brand: Text From A Kid. Let me tell you a story about how it started.

My little 6yr old niece Skye wasn't content with just helping to pack the Text From A Friend orders so we had an idea to create her own range of stationery. You're never too young to start are you?

This new mini brand has been in our heads for several years and we had had many chats about colours, what the products would be and what they would look like. Now the day has come as we've slowly worked on some designs since last year and tested them out.

We're kicking off with some greetings cards and notecards, then some wrapping paper, prints and potentially some merch. We have a long list of ideas to sift through and make big (and small) decisions about what we're going to do but we're chuffed to be doing it.

And we are chuffed to be doing it. Dive in and take a look :)

founder Credentials

  • Female Founded Business
  • Kidpreneur


Text From A Kid + Text From A Friend

4th Floor, St Vincent Place

Glasgow G1 2ER

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