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With an average of 29,000 days for each of us on this planet, we believe each day is precious.  We’re leading the conversation to put purpose and happiness at the very centre of our lives, and want to encourage everyone to build a business doing what they love.

We believe, that if you have a passion, then anyone can build a business from it, and we want to give you the tools, insight, and advice, alongside a supportive community to help you build yours.

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how we can support you

Whether you are just taking your first steps, or have been running your business for 10 years, we’re here for you through the highs and lows of your business journey.

join our co‑mmunity

We want to empower everyone to do what they love.  We have a thriving creative Facebook Co-mmunity, filled with inspiration, advice and support, 24/7.

Our Facebook Co-mmunity is a friendly and encouraging place for people running (or thinking about starting!) their own small business to connect, collaborate and be inspired.