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How to make your income last year round

by team Holly & Co


The panic! The dread! How many of you have looked at your orders one day in January to see a big fat ‘zero sales’ and felt that pit-of-your-stomach inkling that your company is actually…doomed? Why have your products suddenly become about as popular as COVID? How come it seems like there’s more chance of Elvis returning than customers? Where is your revenue hiding? Especially when just weeks or months before, you were working every hour, juggling a million and one things to fulfil orders and there was almost *cringes* too much trade to handle? 

Well this year, we can help you avoid joining the millions of people who’ll be in this exact same position. How? By planning ahead — and remembering that Christmas pudding really is just for Christmas.

Naturally some businesses are seasonal by nature (advent calendars and picnic blankets, for example). Yet most have more regular peaks and troughs of trading, as you’re probably well aware. So, what can we do to allow for this? The trick is to try and even it out. When the majority of sales fall within a short period of time, you need a way to stay afloat during the ‘off season’. As tedious as this may be, a bit of prep ahead of time can really help. So first things first…

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