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How to run a successful pop-up shop

by ‘They Made This’ & ‘The Pop Up Club’ 


If you’ve always wondered about doing a pop-up but weren’t sure, this article is for you. Pop-ups are going to be a bigger part of the future for retail than they already are, because they give small businesses access to prime retail addresses for a short time, so are low-risk. You don’t need to commit to a particular location and you don’t need to sign a lease, all you need is your stock and a lot of creativity and energy. And because the whole thing is temporary, you can try out new ideas, so you don’t jump into something that’s not going to work.

You’re also going to have direct contact with customers who can offer you feedback, which will help you refine your ideas for the future. Pop-ups are advantageous to landlords as well – with the attraction of short leases for small businesses, they may just be the way to thriving high streets in our towns and cities. Finding a pop-up space gives you a blank canvas – you can certainly fit it out like a regular store but why not take the opportunity to offer more of an experience?

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