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About Us

Welcome to a creative agency like no other; we’re hands on, no charts, magic makers. Not only do we look to inspire, but we want to help, practically. We specialise in creating brands that connect emotionally, through defining the identity, purpose and values at the heart of your business.

Our aim is to create, build and mentor businesses that will be as relevant and inspiring in a decade’s time; whose offering becomes timeless.

We love nothing more than helping founders build unique brands that inspire, helping small businesses cultivate an existing offering that might need a fresh pair of eyes, and being a ‘brand life raft’; offering you a place of rest and safety, whilst we help calm the stormy seas that all small businesses must sail. (We’ve got the compass and captain’s hat to prove it, too!)

If you’re interested in our ‘no charts, all soul’ business consultancy, register your email below and we’ll be in touch.



Over the last 15 years, Holly has helped build, mentor and counsel thousands of amazing small businesses. This incredible experience has given her an extraordinary insight into the world of business; from brand creation, finance and funding, to scaling, recruiting and selling; not to mention experiencing, first hand, the emotional rollercoaster this journey can be.

As the UK Ambassador for Creative Small Businesses and after a decade of creating notonthehighstreet.com, one of the first small business marketplaces in the world, Holly is continuing her life’s quest to support this remarkable group of makers by sharing her years of knowledge and expertise, with you.

What We’re All About...

Our belief is that the brands of the future are those with purpose and soul; a reason to exist outside of what they make and create. From our experience, we feel that this ‘beating heart’ is ignored too often, so we want to try and change the record.

Who we work with

Businesses where the founder is at its core

Small businesses looking to find their spark again

Passionate artisans wanting to take their business to the next level

Brands that need a creative injection or full body re work!


Finding your identity and purpose - business and founder
Mapping your business DNA
Exploding the opportunity that awaits
Talking about the ‘hard stuff’
Establishing the next exciting steps, to make dreams come true

Lovely Things Some Have Said

We've had the privilege of working with an array of amazing businesses, from small and creative to big with purpose; whether they've just started out, or have been running for over a decade. We love and care about them all equally, but if you can excuse our blushing, here are some of the lovely things they’ve said about us…


We’re a small team with huge hearts, and if Holly had her way, we’d take everyone under our wings. That’s actually why she started Holly & Co; to try and help everyone on their small business journeys.

If business consultancy with us sounds good to you, please register your interest below. We’ll get back to you with a few questions to see if we’re a good match for one another. We’re so looking forward to hearing from you.

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