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Grant Easter wishes for family and friends: How to make Easter magical

Living Creatively
By Holly Tucker


Want to make Easter extra special this year and add a little Easter magic for kids (and grown-ups)? I’ve been fully converted, so here are some ideas…

How do you make Easter wishes come true? Just embrace it

Let me start by confessing that I never used to be a huge fan of Easter. It just felt like another one of those occasions for anyone who celebrates it to do the same thing on repeat and we’re all sort of expected to join in and enjoy. Yet, after some thought many years ago, I realised I’d have such a better time on these recurring dates if I wasn’t just going through the motions, but instead embracing them as an opportunity to bring colour to grey, adding a touch of thoughtfulness and doing something a little less ordinary for those I love. So with that in mind…

How about starting some fun new Easter traditions?

In other countries, people do all kinds of interesting things. According to kids’ publishers Scholastic, in Bermuda, people fly homemade kites on Good Friday after a local teacher once used one to explain Jesus’ resurrection to the children. In Sweden, the kids dress as Easter witches trading artwork for sweets, and in Northwestern Europe, some people light ‘Easter Fires’ to chase away winter and bring communities together.¹ So what else could we be doing?

How about hosting an Easter breakfast to gather the people you don’t see very often (read my ‘8 tips for hosting the perfect Easter brunch’ article for some quick ideas)? Or could we get the minis to plant some magic beans in the garden only to find they’ve grown into lollipops the next day? Maybe it’s about leaving out some carrot tops for them to collect or paw prints to discover as evidence of the Easter bunny? Or could it be that the person in the household who finds the jar of little Easter eggs or hangs the Easter wreath gets good luck for the year ahead? These are family traditions they’re likely to love.

Easter eggs done differently: Rethinking Easter chocolate

On a day where people are likely to be eating a little shedload more chocolate than usual, it’s nice to give something that’s truly surprising and original. From chocolate slugs by The Edible Museum (great for gardeners or young ones — they also do chocolate fossils too for any dinosaur lovers out there!), to unexpected Easter eggs of all kinds, you’ll find something for everyone in our Easter food and drink edit (and if you can’t, then why not make your own — mini egg martini anyone?).

Easter hunts (and non-chocolate Easter gifts for Easter baskets)

Of course, Easter doesn’t have to be all about chocolate either. If you know parents who aren’t keen on filling little ones with sugar (or even grown-ups too), try our non-chocolate Easter gift ideas — great for Easter egg hunts or as gifts. We’ve got beautiful personalised wooden eggs that can be refilled with different surprises each year (they also work brilliantly as table settings), and of course, lots of unique Easter baskets to put them in. Or for the adults, how about some little ceramic bud vases by The Florist’s Daughter? I know a few of my family who would actually rather these as a thoughtful Easter gift. The box includes three mini vases, perfect for filling with little spring flowers. I actually quite want these myself…

Find creative Easter decorations and fun Easter outfits

From personalised Liberty fabric decorative eggs to hang time and time again, to Easter crowns that come out each year, these are fun ways to truly mark the occasion in a sustainable way (you’ll find plenty of ideas in our Easter Decorations collection). It’s also fun to set yourself the creative challenge of seeing how you can use them differently each time too.

Easter gifts for babies: Creating photos parents will cherish

Seeing babies in bonnets or dressed as little rabbits (especially if it’s Baby’s First Easter) is something a parent or grandparent will never forget (not to mention, look back on photos of in years to come with pure smiles in their eyes). So when it comes to Easter gifts for babies, anything of that ilk will likely be very well received.

More Easter gift ideas? Tap into their niches

Finally, if we’re going to embrace Easter and want some less ordinary Easter gift ideas, then let’s make it personal. If you know someone who just adores rabbits or loves to garden, then why not theme some little Easter gifts around that? The trick is, to find unexpected ways to tap into their passion to bring it alive. I don’t know about you, but looking at these imaginative Easter treats from small businesses has reignited my excitement. I have a feeling it might just become one of the most magical occasions this year and I really hope you enjoy it.

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