Sarah Hardy smiling and holding a chocolate skull

The Edible Museum

Halstead, Essex

Hi, I am Sarah Hardy, your friendly, eccentric, chocolate artist. Come into the museum and find animals, anatomy and ancient artefacts all magically transformed into delicious, high quality, chocolate art. Everything is hand made by artists ready for you to gift to someone special. It is important to me that each piece is unique to us, so I sculpt and make the moulds too. Only then can we get to the delicious business of hand pouring and painting your extraordinary gifts.

The story behind the business
Meet Edible Museum

Gifting a little bit of magic is really what The Edible Museum is all about.

Back in the 90’s I trained as a sculptor, then learned new, fun skills making wax work figures, TV props and antique dealing. Once I had children the kitchen became the studio and I started sculpting food - I’ve even made edible centre pieces for big brands like Fanta, Paramount Pictures and celebs like Mick Jagger.

Aged 46 I had to start afresh after divorce and a move to the country. So now as a sculptor turned chocolatier, my dream was to take all the ideas in my head - the weird and the wonderful - and make a world of chocolate gifts available to those looking for something different. After all, I believe everyone deserves a bit of wonder in their lives.

founder Credentials

  • 50s Plus Founder
  • Female Founded Business
  • The Independent Awards Winner
woman wearing black disecting gruesome chocolate mould in shape of alien


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