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Starting A Small Business Month

Seeing as it’s #startabusinessmonth I thought I’d touch on a couple of strong myths about starting a business! 1) I’ll be part of a small business gang. The thing is, and I know so many of you relate to this… it’s a lonely being your own boss. No other way around this. You’re often alone, and if not physically alone, you’re always alone with the hard choices and decisions. But, what I implore you to do is realise there’s a flock of like-minded wonderful people, all sharing your journey, around you. You just have to reach out. However silly you feel, however desperate you think you look – you have to ask to join the FB group, ask to go for tea with someone you know is travelling the same route. You need to DM and ask questions on Instagram… you need to never feel alone again. You have to have the courage to be vulnerable. 2) I’ll have more time with the kids – Ummmm, not quite. I mean you do… because you get to manage your own time.  School run, sports days, parent’s evenings no longer are a favour to be asked of as you get to do these things, no questions asked. But the notion you’ll get to have dreamy time, being that ‘good parent’ (whatever that is!) is a false one. You see, if you live ‘the good life’ and you run your own show, you won’t be able to nicely compart everything – work/life balance is a banded visualisation! That means, whilst putting supper on the table, the phone will ring. When the kids are doing their homework, you need to get making. As they snuggle to watch a movie, you need to start the night shift. But, it’s the way you think about it, it’s how you react and behave about these facts, it’s how you speak about it. My advice, don’t openly resent it, get out of work/life mentality and bring your family along for the trip. Involve them, talk about all the good things and make them feel the highs when they come along.  And remember it’s all about the QUALITY of time and not QUANTITY of time. Think back to the things you remember as a child, and stop beating yourself up. You’re bringing up the next generation of entrepreneurs – what better lesson!

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