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May 23, 2022 61mins
Business For Good

From taking baby steps to building a global brand, with Guy Schanschieff MBE, co founder of Bambino Mio

Little did Guy and Jo Schanschieff know that a chance conversation at the Taj Mahal in 1991 would spark an idea that changed their lives forever. With Bambino Mio now being the largest reusable nappy brand in the world, Guy Schanschieff MBE shares with Holly the highs and lows of their epic adventure to do business for good. 

Their mission to eliminate single use plastics from nappy production, before the rise of the internet and the conscious consumer, hasn’t always been easy. However with 90 billion nappies being thrown away every single year, and 1% of all plastic production being used to make single use nappies, we really do have to commend Guy and Jo for their sheer determination, belief in their product and ability to remain agile enough to enforce change. 

Not only does Guy share key stats and figures that explain the importance of consumer choices on the environment, but he also depicts some life changing advice that he learnt when overcoming some of Bambino Mio’s incredible challenges as the business has evolved.

Today, over 20 years later, after a wedding, three children, over 100 awards and selling in over 50 countries worldwide, Bambino Mio is a brand that we must all support, along with the incredible founders behind it. This is a conversation that encourages taking risks, having confidence and remaining committed to your vision. It’s a ‘must listen’ to take a step towards a better future. 

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