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July 4, 2022 62mins
Female Founders

Why building a brand is a marathon, not a sprint, with Mandy Watkins, Founder and Creative Director of Hush Homewear

What makes a brand like Hush Homewear stand out from the thousands of fashion and e-commerce businesses out there? Yes it's the quality and style of the clothes, but it's also another key element that makes them truly one-of-a-kind — and that's the brand. If you want to know the secret to building an identity that makes thousands of customers return again and again, and remain loyal to you for life, hear Mandy Watkins' hard won wisdom on the subject...

Mandy started her laid back clothing and lifestyle brand from the kitchen table back in 2003 with a redundancy cheque, a huge dose of ambition and a desire for warmer clothes. Growing up in Australia, Mandy spotted a gap in the market after moving to the UK where she struggled to find relaxed, stylish and cosy clothing suited to living in our changeable climate. 

After years of perseverance, determination and orders ever so slowly trickling through, Hush started to become a recognised and successful brand. However Mandy opens up about how her business' success was by no means easy, and explains the different routes to market she took in order to achieve the sales she so desperately wanted. 

Now, after having such a strong identity in the clothing industry, Mandy explains how she has not only built and maintained her brand, but also why as a small business you have the power to make sure the brand heart of your business is beating louder than ever, which as Mandy shares, is a game changing advantage if used effectively. 

Holly and Mandy share a passionate belief in sustainability, responsible consumer shopping and the positive effect that a work ethic can have on achieving your dreams. It is apparent that Mandy is, and always has been her true authentic self, and might that have had an effect on her business? You’ll have to listen to find out…

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