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Building legacy through passion with Sir Tim Smit KBE, founder of the Eden Project – Part 1

A conversation that Holly believes will fundamentally change your life – a brilliant, straight talking and accomplished storyteller, Tim’s journey to building Eden (billed as the 8th wonder of the world) will have you captivated from the very start. So for the first time ever on Conversations of Inspiration, his story will be shared over two episodes.

In part 1, Tim shares his journey from his education studying archaeology to an unexpected career in the music industry. After relocating to Cornwall, a chance meeting led to the restoration of the Lost Gardens of Heligan, some of the world’s most magical and untouched gardens. The regeneration of Heligan ignited a spark that fuelled Tim’s vision for a social enterprise that would benefit future generations for years to come.

Filled with twists and turns, opportunities and enthusiasm, Tim’s story is one that is ultimately defined by passion – if ever there was proof needed that one person can make huge change and impact on our world, this is surely it.

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