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July 20, 2020 66mins
Business For Good, Classics

Solving societal issues with good business, with Paul Lindley OBE, founder Ella’s Kitchen

How does a child’s food brand become the gold standard in innovation and social purpose and a leading example in business across all sectors?

This week Holly speaks to Paul Lindley OBE, founder of Ella’s Kitchen – who is driven by the belief that putting ‘human’ back into business, celebrating ideas and innovation as the key elements to making long term societal change.

Paul’s story started, when as the dad of two young children he felt frustrated by the lack of healthy, tasty and convenient food available for kids. With a growing concern for childhood obesity he set out to build an innovative baby food brand that put purpose at the very core. Holly and Paul discuss what it means to have a mission, how to translate that into a brand, as well as culture, B corps and building a lasting legacy.

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