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September 13, 2021
Artists & Makers, Female Founders

Stitching the future, crafting a community with Tilly Walnes, founder of Tilly and the Buttons

A story of how a little true passion can snowball into a triumphant business, Tilly Walnes, founder of Tilly and the Buttons, shares her incredible journey; a decade of lessons learnt and the benefit of building a strong community through her own love of sewing.

Feeling frustrated that her day job didn’t allow her to be creative with her hands, Tilly began sewing and writing her blog, with a mission to share this passion for the power of good. She wholeheartedly encourages others to have a go and to not be discouraged by the creative self-doubt which she herself experienced.

Tilly’s community of sewers has found therapeutic pleasure in pursuing a traditional craft, and in this episode she shares the highs and lows of building a supportive online community, tackling imposter syndrome and how by blending the modern world of technology with the age-old skill of stitching, she’s been able to not only breathe new life into this historic pastime, but also share this joy with others.

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