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June 20, 2022 70mins
Business For Good

Yeo Valley CEO, Tim Mead, on growing a sustainable future

A leading expert in the farming industry, Tim Mead CEO of Yeo Valley, delves into a number of crucial topics around responsible farming, environmental consciousness and reveals how farmers can help to reverse the carbon crisis. This is an unmissable conversation that won’t only help our generation, but many to come. 

The son of farming pioneers, Tim’s family have been farming in Somerset for over 500 years and are known across the country for stocking our shelves with delicious organic milk, cheese and yogurts. However what we didn’t know is just how much hard work and grafting has gone into the Yeo Valley brand over the years. 

Tim grew up in the family business, but a tragic accident left Tim holding the reins aged just 26. Since then, he has been on a quest to not only continue his father’s legacy, but to follow his true north star which is encouraging, educating on and producing food that is made in a healthy, natural way. 

Having witnessed the introduction of industrial manufacturing, Tim shares that 55% of what we eat is classified as ultra processed food – and offers unmissable advice on how we can start to change that statistic to not only help ourselves, but our young and the environment. 

 Contemplating the introduction of alternative milks, the importance of community and the marketing genius that changed the Yeo Valley brand forever, Tim’s story is one of hard work and determination that binds both legacy and heritage with adaptability and future proofing. 

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