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July 18, 2022 44mins
Holly’s Picks

Using hardship as rocket fuel – Holly’s round-up of Series 14

Every single one of Holly’s guests this series has been inspirational, passionate and holds the treasure that is their own unique story. But what Holly also recognised, is that they have each faced loss, devastation and pain in some way – and yet have somehow managed to rise from the ashes of the truly bleakest of times. 

In this episode, Holly reflects on some of the key moments from each of her guest’s stories – some profound, some tear-jerking and some downright funny – and all of them shed light on the mindset, determination and strength it takes to follow and achieve your dreams. It’s a stark reminder that everything is achievable, and quite possibly closer than you think. So whatever you might be going through, join Holly in celebrating these life changing journeys, and people who have each wrestled their vision into reality. 

This includes humbling parts of conversations with Edith Egar, Holocaust Survivor, the Happiness Expert – Mo Gawdatt, Charlotte Tilbury MBE, Josh Littlejohn MBE who is on a mission to end homelessness, Nike’s former CMO and author of Emotion By Design, Greg Hoffman, farming enthusiast and YEO Valley’s CEO Tim Mead, Mandy Watkins — founder of hush, and the incredible trailblazer and founder of The Queer Bible, Jack Guinness. 

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