"For Peat's Sake!" Peat-Free Eco Coir Compost - 11 Litres

for peat's sake!

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e-commerce plastic-free peat-free compost delivered to your door
for peat's sake! peat-free eco coir compost with houseplant, plant pot and coco peat coir soil
peat-free coir compost in terracotta plant pot
wheelbarrow full of peat-free compost in small garden perfect for seed sowing, herbs, houseplants, vegetables and greenhouses
peat-free coir compost with trowel and bucket
peat-free compost in bucket with trowel in garden
for peat's sake! plastic-free packaging peat-free coir compost with houseplants in a greenhouse
for peat's sake! peat-free compost surrounded by plant pots with geraniums and container garden
for peat's sake! peat-free coir compost with hungry plants? organic houseplant fertiliser

Our 600g eco coir compost block, creates up to 11.5 Litres of the optimum soil structure for your plants. Made purely from sustainably sourced coconuts, our coir compost is perfect for growing houseplants, herbs, fruit, vegetables or cacti.Made from the husks of coconuts, coir compost is one of the most environmentally friendly composts you can buy and the shorter fibres are used for compost. These fibres are collectively called coir. Our coir will improve drainage, air circulation and water retention, helping create a perfect environment to encourage healthy root growth. The fibres have a high cation exchange capacity, meaning they absorb, store and release nutrients very effectively, reducing nutrient leaching and helping your plant absorb plant food more efficiently. Simply add water to the dehydrated, lightweight coir block and watch it transform into our signature professional-grade coir compost.

Need to know

PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Used by professional commercial growers worldwide due to highly researched fibre grading, buffering and washing using the industry's first waste water recycling facility.GOOD FOR YOUR PLANTS - Perfect for houseplants, herbs, fruit, vegetables or sowing seeds.PEAT-FREE - No peat included. We make monthly donations to peatland restoration projects.OPTIMUM SOIL STRUCTURE - improves drainage, moisture retention and air circulation. Reduces the risk of pests, diseases and fungal infections.SUSTAINABLE - Uses sustainably and ethically sourced coconuts, and meets internationally renowned environmental certifications such as ISO14001, ISO9001, Sedex and LEAF.


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e-commerce plastic-free peat-free compost delivered to your door

for peat's sake!

Gloucester, Uk

Treat your plants to our peat-free, eco-coir compost. Light and clean, it’s a joy to use. You can’t plant in anything better.

Simply add water, and watch our dehydrated block of coconut coir compost expand and grow into the optimum soil for your plants. Made from sustainably and ethically sourced waste coconut husk, our peat-free compost is perfect for a huge range of plants from houseplant & herbs to veg, seeds & flowers.