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Hi! We are Rob & Sarah, a brother and sister team originally from Lancashire. We trace our love of curious mechanical objects back to our childhood – to Sunday afternoons, when Dad would wind the grandfather clock, then tap on the barometer to see what the weather might be up to that day. Our clocks were born out of that shared fascination with old clock mechanics. It was our dream to create beautiful clocks that summoned that same sense of childhood fun and nostalgia.

Our clocks are customisable so do please check the product descriptions for guidance!

The story behind the business
Meet Bramwell Brown Clocks

We are Rob & Sarah, brother and sister co-founders, and our story began when we looked everywhere for a mechanical barometer in an appealing design – but couldn’t find one, anywhere.

It sparked an idea, then a kitchen-table prototype. We enlisted some expert engineering help and, after many further protoypes and two years of refinement, we developed into our first ever clock with which we launched in 2015.

The clocks have evolved enormously since the early days and there have been many challenges that, without our shared sense of humour, we wouldn’t have survived.

We now have an incredible assembly team in Hampshire who build our clocks with skill, care and pride. We’re extremely proud of every clock we send out and what each one comes to mean to its new owners. Hearing that our clocks become like members of the family and turn into modern-day heirlooms is a dream realised.

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Bramwell Brown Clocks

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