Emma Puddick, a white woman in her forties looks directly at camera smiling.  She is wearing a blue apron, and red and white striped shirt.  she is holding a handmade ceramic mug, with a heart and banner tattoo reading TEA

Emma Puddick Pottery


Hi there, I'm Emma.

I make high quality, functional ceramics that bring joy to your everyday.

My distinctive style combines beautiful, ergonomic forms that are thrown on the potters wheel with colourful hand-decorated designs inspired by vintage style, pop culture and traditional tattoos.

I use a wide variety of surface decoration techniques including sgraffito, transfers, screen-printing, stencilling and carving to imbue as much colour and happiness into my work as I possibly can.

Proudly independent

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The story behind the business
Meet Emma Puddick Pottery

Hello, I’m Emma! Thanks for taking an interest in the person behind the pots. I make functional ceramics, each piece made by hand on the potter’s wheel. Bold designs and bright colours fill me with happiness and I try to imbue each of my pots with that joy.

I work mainly in white stoneware clay, which brings out bright colours beautifully. I aim to create shapes and forms which look good and feel great to use, making your day a little bit nicer. I take a lot of inspiration from tattoo art and iconography, and I am heavily tattooed myself. (Fun Fact: I once appeared on the cover of a tattoo magazine!)

I have been working with clay since I was 16 years old, when I took A Level Ceramics as an evening class. Ceramics took a back seat whilst I was at university, but as soon as I was settled in a job after graduation I found an evening class and got clay under my fingernails again. During this time, I focused on sculpture and hand-building large figurative pieces.

For several years, I would take a term of classes where location and work patterns allowed. It was during one of these classes that I was introduced to throwing and my passion for making beautiful, functional ceramic ware began.

After over 20 years of hobby pottery, I decided to take things up a gear. I joined a shared studio in 2018 and launched my business in 2019. In 2020 I was able to build a home studio with my own little kiln and grew my business supervised by our two cats, Albert and Jürgen. In 2023 I moved again, renting a larger space and investing in a much bigger kiln. I'm so happy to have created an amazing work space, and it is super close to home so the cats still get to see me at lunch time.

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Emma's hands on a work in progress piece on the pottery wheel


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