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Paul Worthy

Cardiff, Wales

Hi, I’m Paul, a designer and linocut artist based in Cardiff, Wales.

I ‘re-discovered’ linocut a few years ago, having done it briefly in school, and was immediately hooked on the process as well as the results.

When I’m not working, I’ll spend as much time as I can outside — cycling, hill walking or sea swimming.

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Meet Paul Worthy

I am a Graphic Designer and Linocut Printmaker based in Cardiff. I studied Graphic Design at Falmouth University, and have worked as a designer since graduating.

I became interested in linocut to give me a break from my digital work, making linocut prints purely for the enjoyment of the process and giving them away to friends and family. As well as creating illustrative designs, I draw from my background in graphic design to create typographic prints. I experiment a lot with different papers, textures & colour combinations — often aiming for a bold and lively result combined with an idea that sparks joy, laughter or inspiration. I love the tactile nature of linocut prints, and I hope that people connect with my work both intellectually and emotionally.

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