Hi I'm Deanne, the founder of ROOT2GINGER. We make delicious ginger mixers which are influenced by our Caribbean heritage. We are a family business based in Manchester and we manufacture our drinks using premium organic ingredients including cold pressed Peruvian ginger raw cane sugar and lemons.

Our drinks have won Great taste awards and World Alcohol free awards. Our drinks are concentrated, you simply dilute to taste or add to cocktails. If you want an authentic Fiery Ginger Kick ROOT2GINGER is made for you!

The story behind the business

Deanne comes from generations of ginger drink makers and has developed a range of award-winning ginger drinks which provide a modern twist on Jamaican family recipes. The bestseller Fiery was originally made by Deanne as a Christmas gift for family and friends for over 25 years until she began selling it at a local Saturday market in 2021 during the pandemic. This provided some light relief from a challenging day job and was an opportunity to be outside. Deanne was surprised at the instant positive response to her drinks and soon realised that she had an opportunity for an alternative career.

In 2022 the entire product range won Great Taste Awards including a prestigious 3-star award afforded to only 241 products out of over 14,000 entrants. The judges described ROOT2GINGER as an “outstandingly delicious drink, a triumph of skill and great ingredients, worked by people who know their trade and care about it even more”. Deanne uses craft brewing techniques and natural ingredients to produce intense flavours. Deanne resigned from a senior role in 2022 and decided to develop her brand full time.

She now works with her three children manufacturing and marketing ROOT2GINGER and having lots of fun!

founder Credentials

  • Black Owned Business
  • Female Founded Business


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