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So welcome to our new festive theme, but our lifetime campaign – to shop small this Christmas.
We had some fun on this one and have decided that alongside calling our physical space ‘the work/shop’ it’s also now going to be deemed as the campaign headquarters. Where we’ll be running our ‘forever’ mission to help people understand, that where they place their precious pounds, count. Welcome to¬†#campaignshopsmall

I will not rest until we start to pay more attention and are ‘present’ in what we support as consumers. We all have the ability to change so many businesses lives, by our actions. From the butcher where we could buy our turkey, to the local baker who will craft the best mince pies in town. But generally, if we were more considerate and thoughtful, we could buy the majority of whatever we need, from a small business or shop owner.
Imagine if everyone who read this post, did exactly that? It would be a tidal wave of glitter and good, heading for those who need our support most.
Far too long we have been asleep at the wheel, bemoaning the clone towns we live in and supporting the rise of the faceless, tax-avoiding giants.
But where are the serious conversations being had about how to move the dial? It’s not an insignificant group we’re talking about supporting here! We all know someone who owns a business, is dreaming about starting one or who’s on those first rocking steps to becoming one.
So welcome to the next 40 days of us asking for your support. Helping us spread the message to all we know, that every pound you spend, you are casting a vote to the type of world you want to live in. We need small businesses, to bring joy to our lives. To help us ‘give’ with more thought, to help us eat with consideration and to offer the underdog our championship.
Thank you so much for the incredible businesses that have been involved so far, and more thanks coming. Please do get in contact if you can help us in any way or if you’d like to get involved. From creating artwork to add to our campaign wall or ideas that we can get involved in.