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Christmas at Holly & Co

Every theme change in the shop I say “Now this one is my favourite!”as I walk around all the wonderful touches and hard work that goes into bringing our loves and missions to life. Each time the shop just takes on this different feeling and it’s nothing short of magic But (you guessed it!) when it comes to Christmas and the festive fairy dust in the air, I’m sure this is my favourite! The kids all flock to the fairy door as they hold their festive cake pops. The grownups tuck into the well deserved “fuck it it’s Christmas” amazing cakes and the pure friendliness from everyone just goes to the next level. And most touching are the parcels of joy I receive from the most thoughtful of tribes I have the honour of cheer-leading. One of those packages was from the amazing and dear The Pothole Gardener who saw our protesting, and overworked faires and thought they needed to put their feet up and enjoy the season! So he sent us a parcel  of tiny objects to pimp up the fairies’ Christmas home in the wall! Everyone is welcome to our Christmasy, magical little space on the high street this December XX