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Do What You Love

One of our core missions at Holly & Co is to help everyone build a business doing what they love, so this February is Do What You Love month at the Work/Shop, and it’s all about finding what you love and making it your job!

You might be thinking “really Holly… now is not the time to start a business” but truly so many great businesses we know today were born during a recession (including notonthehighstreet by the way)! Because when you find yourself faced with a fresh start or the perspective to ‘reset’ THAT is the time to look closely at what you LOVE to do, find your niche and create the job that will fulfil your passion and purpose!

Did you know that on average we each have 29,000 days on this planet? Since I found this out on my 40th birthday and calculated how many days I might have left, I now know that EVERY DAY is important and if you’re not doing what you love then there’s not a moment to waste – change it!

Throughout this month I’ll be sharing advice and inspiration to help you do this. From creating a passion list and identifying your niche to finding your confidence and taking those first steps on your new path.

Our Artist in Residence this month is the incredible Rebecca Strickson who has transformed the Work/Shop into the most colourful, joyful and empowering space! Rebecca’s illustrative work explores the power of community and collaboration (two of my favourite things!) and is inspired by the traditional imagery of trade union banners and protest placards.