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Face Your Fears

This month our theme at the Holly & Co work/shop is Face Your Fears!

In tumultuous times, coping with fear is a much needed skill that we aren’t taught to actively practice. Throughout the month we want to help address what fear really is, how to recognise it and help you find ways to be brave and overcome it.

This theme will be all about development, personal and professional, and will lead you through the journey to accept fear, identify where it lies for you, feel it, face it and, ultimately to practice it as an ongoing process! Each Friday I will be going LIVE on my Instagram hosting the Business Pharmacy – sessions that will be led by your questions around fear. I can’t wait to speak to you and ‘prescribe’ my advice!

Lastly, please all remember that fear is natural and by no means should we strive to be fearless! But we can try to fear less; to be fearful of less things and have less fear about our worries.