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Man Made

June: Celebrating Man Made

The month of June I’m dedicating to Men. Shining a light on some of the issues that are now very real and how hard it can be, to break out of the stereotype that shackles them. Preventing them from being their true self and from living their dreams. The male psyche is in crisis, with suicide now the number one killer for men under 50. I can’t help but think, if more men were allowed to break out of the lives they live, and live creatively – it would help. So I wanted to highlight and shout from the rooftops about how some ‘real men’ are living life differently. Those who have followed their creative dreams and live the ‘Good Life’. From men who knit, to those who etch. Those who cook, bake, paint, sew – this month is about a different path, that can be followed. My dream, would be that Holly & Co will be responsible for helping men live their dreams, over the course of the journey we’re on.