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Our mission is to empower ‘kidpreneurs’ with the skills and belief they need to take their first entrepreneurial steps and inspire them to dream big.

Our schooling system currently isn’t diverse enough, the landscape of work has drastically changed in the last few years, and the education system needs a complete reformation to reflect that. In the meantime we at Holly & co want to support children to navigate this change.

Highlighting the power of creativity, igniting and encouraging passions no matter how niche, and turning that into a profitable business. Empowering them with entrepreneurial skills and a confident mindset, especially those who struggle the most in our academic focused education system such as neurodivergent, and creative children. 

By helping the next generation will create a nation of happy people pursuing their passions, doing what they love.

We invited Mims and Family to be our Maker’s in residence – they made our Work/Shop into such an inspiring space for so many minis who have been in to visit. Mims and Family have also created an exclusive FREE activity sheet for you to download now. You can make your own origami fortune teller which will encourage children to ask and answer thoughtful and inspiring questions to help them take their first steps to following their dreams and starting their own business. Download now!

Michelle, founder of Mims & Family, is a shining example of how running a small business is empowering our children with all the skills and creativity they need to thrive and carve their own future’s. Not only that but she has inspired all 5 of her children to run with their own business ideas, such as dear George who has not just one business but two – Herbees Honey Soaps but D for Dyslexia.

Which is why I’m thrilled to announce that we’re now accepting artwork for the third annual HCO Kids Summer Exhibition.

The exhibition is a celebration of children and young people’s creativity and imagination, both important skills for all future founders.

All artwork will be displayed at the Holly & Co Work/Shop from 20th August – 5th September 2021 and will be judged by Designer Laura Wellington. We need all artwork by 16th August and the winners will be announced by myself during an Instagram Live on 20th August.