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Mending Month

This month, Holly & Co is all about mending. Mending is such a strong part of our brand at Holly & Co, as starting this business, mended my soul. And I know how many souls it’s mended, healed and restored in our community. Be it by just starting your dreams, or your business acting like a liferaft when navigating the storms of life and saving life or sanity. This month I’ll be sharing these stories from our maker community, to inspire you to maybe start your own soul saviour, or relook at the way you view your business.

Kintsugi, the art of repairing using gold, is part of our brand identity. As I so much believe that the cracks of life make us more beautiful and that visible mending should be celebrated.

But also, mending means other things too. This year I’ll be looking to make more; spending precious moments using my hands to create and repair. I always talk about a time when I was at my lowest and how I went back to create my famous ‘vegetable wreaths’ by hand – long story!! So many makers tell me of the same healing qualities I felt, when they’re painting, sewing, cooking, knitting etc.

Also moving into the new year, our focus is towards helping the environment more than ever. At Holly & Co we’re pushing ourselves to be as eco-conscious as possible. And the focus is on recycling and using eco products and materials – everywhere.

Repairing will be top of mind as generally repairing isn’t spoken about enough. In the war the ‘Make do and mend’ campaign was a huge success in helping us to reevaluate our possessions. We live in such a throwaway society, surely it’s the perfect time to bring back the repair manifesto! To buy carefully, take good care of the things and waste nothing

So please do pop into Holly & Co for a slice of ‘Kintsugi Cake’ or a ‘Thread Cake Pop’! Or shop our carefully curated ‘Mending’ collection, You make and do, and I’ll aim to help you mend.

Happy Mending Everyone xx