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Ready to Get Back to Business?

New theme, new theme and my goodness is this a goodie! At Holly & Co, we’re passionate about doing all we can to help people fulfill their ambitions. So we’re channelling our finest ‘Back to school’ vibes this September, getting our metaphorical pencil cases ready, resetting our goals and helping all you dreamers, dabblers and do-ers get ‘Back to business’.

What is it you most want to achieve next? What needs doing before the Christmas rush? Let’s clear off the Covid cobwebs and get cracking. If last year was all about surviving, this year’s for thriving. So we’ve dusted off some of our dearest values to reshare as an inspiring reminder. And who better to help us bring them to life than the marvellous Michael Tilley (AKA The Blackboard Artist)? 

Since he founded his company back in 2013, Michael’s become one of the capital’s leading providers of bespoke hand-lettering, custom-made boards and murals. Luckily for us, he’s used his amazing skills to decorate our Work/shop, entirely freehand (powered by Holly & Co’s artisan coffee and cake, of course). He’s living proof of what can be achieved when we put our minds to it. We’re walking into the last part of the year, ready to make it count. So let’s get back to dreaming big, finding our diamond and living a life less ordinary.