The Window Sticker

As a team, we continuously visit and shop from a lot of independent businesses across the UK – we’re pretty lucky to call this work! And, as a team of almost all women, we especially love supporting female founded businesses. But we started to find we were often unknowingly supporting them, and thought how great it would be to KNOW we were, to intentionally choose to support these wonderful women.

So we created a window sticker that declares it loud and proud at the front door of your shop, studio or home office – ‘This is a Female Founded Business’. A way for your customers and passers by to know that incredible women are behind the magic they enjoy. We love imagining a young girl reading the sticker and saying to her parents ‘I want to start a business one day’.

Are you, or do you know, a female founded business? Get your sticker here!

Female Founder Podcast Edit

Over the years Holly has spoken to so many brilliant Female Founders; here are some of our favourite insights.


"Before us women weren’t so lucky – they had to emulate men. We have the freedom to be 100% ourselves” Sahar Hashemi OBE, Co-founder of Coffee Republic

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Raising Strong Girls

Gemma Metcalfe, Founder of the Strong Girls Club, shares her journey through childbirth and PTSD, to starting her business on just £400 and building a community of Strong Girls.

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Good Life KPIs

Julie Dean, Founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company, started her business because she wanted to be able to send her children to a fantastic school "You know, that that was absolutely the driving force”

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Empowering Women

Born a second daughter in India, Asma Khan – Founder of Darjeeling Express, felt the intense impact of feeling unwanted which is why she uses her business to help other women feel valued.

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