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About to buy a computer? Read these 5 tips first

by team Holly & Co, with Dell Technologies

Imagine the scene. After months of twiddling your thumbs whilst the ‘circle of doom’ whirls feverishly on your tired computer’s face, you’ve finally got around to buying that new machine. You’ve selected the laptop, desktop or tablet which will be the energy drink to your sluggish spreadsheets and will download files faster than Raducanu serves aces. Your mouse hovers over the ‘add to basket’ button but…wait! Buying a computer for your small business may mean that you have a different journey to go on than your average consumer when it comes to deciding which shiny new object to choose and furthermore, how to buy it. 

We asked our friends at Dell Technologies for some advice on what questions small business owners should ask themselves before they commit their hard-earned cash to a sleek new computer. From busting age-old myths about spending, to who you should really be trusting for advice, we’ve compiled a list of five ‘must dos’ before you checkout. And to be honest, at Holly & Co, we’re all now kicking ourselves that we hadn’t thought about many of these brilliant tips ourselves before shopping…

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