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Best Easter gifts for kids (from brilliant small businesses)

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By Holly Tucker


The best kids’ Easter gifts? Ones from small businesses of course! Whether you’re shopping for babies or older children, try these kids’ Easter gift ideas to excite the minis…

What do most kids get for Easter?

I know you probably don’t have much time today so let’s get right into it. The best gifts for kids are the ones that surprise them the most. Yes they’ll be expecting chocolate — I'm pretty sure that’s what most kids get for Easter — but that’s why I love to either make it a little more unexpected (to help hone those little imaginations and help them learn the difference between chocolate that supports small businesses or causes… and other kinds) OR to get them something else. “Er, like what?” I hear you say. Well believe it or not, there are gifts I just know kids love (as most of the team’s kids have tried and tested them) — gifts that don’t contain sugar.

What do you get for kids that isn’t chocolate?

How about wooden eggs that they can reuse each year that you can fill with different treats or money even? Or craft kits to give them something interesting or fun to make themselves (and might give you some quiet time too)? Or a little bag to keep their treasures in? I’ve curated a collection of non-chocolate Easter gifts so there might be something in there that could work.

Could you make them a little Easter hamper?

If you want to make Easter more of a special occasion and one that they’ll remember in years to come, how about making them a little Easter hamper? It might be an excuse to get them some fresh pyjamas, something fun to play with, something they can learn or something to read maybe, to make the holidays extra special. It doesn’t need to be expensive either. It’s the thought that’s special. A friend of mine’s mum used to leave little paw prints leading away from her Easter presents so that when she woke up on Easter morning, she’d know that the bunny had been — a little bit of magic goes a very long way.

What do kids want in their Easter baskets?

Mini Easter eggs are likely to go down well of course, but again, if you need inspiration for what to put in Easter baskets or what you could hide on a hunt, try my hand picked ideas for Easter basket fillers. I like to mix it up so it really is things they would never have thought of and that’s where independent businesses always come up with such innovative ideas. I also love knowing that we’re supporting them at this time of year (or any time of year), too.

Baby Easter gifts and Baby's first Easter gifts — just the loveliest to buy!

Now this is where the real gift is getting to choose because, honestly, how adorable are tiny shoes, cuddly things or keepsakes? Especially if they're handmade and designed to last. When you know they've been carefully crafted with love, it’s even more special. Plus it means the absolute world to new parents to give them something that they can keep and treasure. If you know someone who might appreciate a little Easter gift for the mini, some of the ideas in my Baby’s First Easter collection will soon have them forgetting all that broken sleep and tender eardrums.

What do you give older children for Easter?

Now this is where it gets trickier. When Harry got older, it became more of a challenge but that’s what makes it fun — to see how creative you can be. I love finds like the incredible hot chocolate melts by Refuge Chocolate — a social enterprise supporting survivors of modern slavery. As well as their gifts being utterly delicious, their brand helps young people learn about the provenance of what you buy and how you really can change the world through your shopping. Whatever you choose this Easter, the kids are in for a treat — and I wish you all the happiest break.

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