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Father's Day gift guide 2024 (how to shop for different types of dad)

Gifting Thoughtfully
By Holly Tucker

25TH APRIL 2024

Oh the unique joys and challenges of finding the perfect Father's Day gift! Whether you’re shopping for your own dad / husband / stepdad / dog dad or anything in between, try our thoughtful, personal or personalised gifts for different types of dads in 2024.

Understanding different dad personalities

It will likely come as no surprise that dads — as well as their hobbies and interests — are really every bit as different as the prints on our fingers. Yes there are those who love golf, DIY or take pride in being quite the gourmand. But digging a bit deeper and trying to find something unexpectedly brilliant within these areas isn’t easy, as I’m sure you’re well aware! Unless you happen to know some of the UK’s best small businesses of course (which I just might!). For every niche — from the dog dads, to the dads that just love to be outdoors or dote on their girls — there’s a unique gift, and I’ve made it my mission to find them. So to find a present that truly resonates with them, their passions and the stage of fatherhood they’re at, see our Father’s Day gifts (or look below).

14 of my top Father’s Day gift ideas for 2024 — dad by dad

'Exhausted' Parent & Baby T-Shirt Set

Alphabet Bags, £38

For new dads…

Something to nod to their sheer exhaustion, like these brilliant matching t-shirts as modelled by my founder sister’s husband, and twins when they were babies.

Hand Dyed Leather Decanter Label

Parkin & Lewis, £9.50

For Grandads

Elevate a bottle of his favourite tipple. Make it extra thoughtful with something like this hand stamped, personalised leather tag that he’ll keep and no doubt smile at.

Hector Ceramic Plant Pot

Brimble Studio, £36

For father figures…

If you can’t find the words, why not share a story that reminds you of him? Or just introduce him to Hector — the strong man of the circus! This handmade plant pot comes with a brilliant tale about how he’s expected to be a tough guy but is actually kind, sensitive and a great listener (just like him).

'Pint?' Painted Sign

Ollie Cooper Signs, £320

For older dads…

Remind him how much you appreciate his wisdom. This piece of hand painted artwork shows you’d love to go for a drink and a chat with him anytime or you could personalise something with a lesson he’s taught you.

Personalised Family Team Pennant Flag

Pine and Bear, £28

For outdoorsy dads…

How about something that shows him his team is up for adventure whenever he’s ready? Maybe a map print of a favourite place or a personalised family name pennant flag?

'I'm Just Here For The Chocolate' Ceramic Plate

Teppi, £28.95

For sweet toothed dads…

You could opt for chocolate (honestly, we have some incredible chocolatiers on the site) or make him smile with something like a snack tray he’ll use every day.

Ipad Stand

The Oak & Rope Company, From £46.50

For working from home dads…

With the rise in the number of dads that work from home since the pandemic, how about something thoughtful for the office to show him he’s loved?

Faces - Ping Pong Set

Art of Ping Pong, £102

For playful dads…

For anyone familiar with Bandit from the popular TV show Bluey (who a nation of fathers are now modelling themselves on apparently), try a game you can play together. This incredible ping pong set is as stylish as it is fun.

Hardwood Pizza Cutter

Supplies For Life, £17.50

For foodie dads…

Foodie dads love kitchen gadgets (I know, as my Frank is obsessed)! If he’s a pizza man, these hardwood pizza cutters are a must.

We Can Be Heroes Tea Towel

London Drying, £18.15

For music loving dads…

Now call me clever (please!) but what could be better than a tea towel that not only nods to his passion (music) but also encourages him to dry up?! It’s fantastic for wrapping any smaller gifts in, too.

Jar Of Tools Biscuits

Honeywell Bakes, £31

For DIY dads…

He might expect a hammer but how about something fun? Like these little vanilla biscuits, perfectly shaped into the contents of his toolbox (a percentage from every sale is donated to the 1% For The Planet charity, too).

Personalised Rectangular Photo Cushion

ROAM, From £42.00

For dads of girls

Photo gifts are always a thoughtful idea for Father’s Day and this personalised cushion is just the sweetest — spot on for dads who adore their little ladies.

Most Egg-cellent Dad Vintage Engraved Spoon

Maison Spoon, £24

For divorced dads

For divorced dads who work hard to be great fathers, be kind and let them know. This hand engraved spoon from the little ones will likely mean the world and make him smile every time he uses it.

Personalised Hand Painted Pet Portrait Plate

Lisa Stickley, From £48.00

For dog dads…

If their fur baby is their true best friend, getting a personalised pet portrait plate in the artist’s signature style will likely go down in history as the best gift ever!

All kinds of gifts for all kinds of dads

There are some wonderful ways to surprise Dad this Father’s Day — and support small businesses in the process (which dads are bound to approve of!). This is just a handful of suggestions but for plenty more thoughtful gift ideas, for every possible occasion, explore our gifts department.

3 quick Father’s Day gift guide FAQs

1. How can I personalise a Father’s Day gift?

Small businesses have turned what was once-upon-a-time a case of putting a name on something, into truly innovative, creative ways to make a gift personal. Whether it’s the date their child was born, his favourite phrase, a photo he loves or an in-joke you share, there are so many ways to make him smile. Try our Personalised Father’s Day Gifts Collection for inspiration.

2. What is a good Father’s Day gift for a dad who says he doesn't want anything?

Here’s a shortcut! Just read my article 14 unique Father's Day gift ideas for dads that don't want anything. It’s such a common dilemma that I gathered some thoughts together ready.

3. Is it okay to give a Father’s Day gift that the whole family can enjoy?

Absolutely! I’m sure most dads would enjoy spending time with you (and the rest of the family, too). You can find ideas in my Gifts For Families Collection.

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