Anniversary gifts by year? Try these wedding anniversary gifts they’ll love

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by holly tucker

25TH MARCH 2024

Anniversary gifts by year are undoubtedly harder the longer you’ve been together — but they’re also a fun challenge to see just how surprising and creative your wedding anniversary gifts can get…

Anniversary gifts by year — and what they mean

This actually got me thinking… why do we even celebrate anniversaries?! Apparently, it’s thought that the idea first originated in Germany where husbands would give their wives a silver wreath after 25 years together to mark their unity and commitment. After that, other traditions soon followed suit. I love the idea of making new memories or traditions of our own, and using this annual date to show a bit of creativity to make it all the more fun. If you’re stuck for where to start, you could try my Anniversary Gifts Collections. Or just begin with your favourite happy memories or use the more traditional rituals and what they symbolise as a springboard for ideas — thankfully our small businesses are giving us a helping hand for each…

1st wedding anniversary gifts — paper: to represent the delicate new marriage.

5th wedding anniversary gifts — wood: to represent strength and setting down roots.

10th wedding anniversary gifts — tin: to represent preserving something special.

15th wedding anniversary gifts — crystal: to represent clarity in the relationship.

20th wedding anniversary gifts — china: to represent taking care of your partner.

25th wedding anniversary gifts — silver: to represent shining for years to come.

30th wedding anniversary gifts — pearl: to represent hidden beauty.

40th wedding anniversary gifts — ruby: to represent everlasting love.

50th wedding anniversary gifts — gold: to represent prosperity and strength.

60th wedding anniversary gifts — diamond: to represent a rock solid marriage.

10 year anniversary gift ideas? Or 25 or one? Whichever it is, start here

When it comes to anniversary gifts, do you go traditional or modern? Should it be a token gift or a showstopper? Does anyone ever remember the meanings behind the traditions of the wedding anniversary gifts by year such as tin, paper, cotton and the like? And if you’re shopping for your other half and thinking about who you’re married to, do they actually really even care (especially if it’s a man of a certain age like the one I’m married to)?! Well for me, the answer to the last question is actually ‘yes’. I’m a big believer in living in gratitude and that extends to my partner (lucky Frank!).

Are anniversaries important? What could be more important than love?

I think that taking action to remind someone how much we love them and the very personal reasons as to why, can make the world of difference in a relationship. I know — as Frank and I have often had to make a concerted effort to ‘reconnect’ over the years. Keeping a marriage going is clearly more important than the wedding day itself — yet as a nation, we’re sometimes guilty of putting much more effort into the latter. I can hand on heart say I’ve noticed how sharing a reminder of what we appreciate about each other, what we’ve been through together (and survived!) or even just something fun to make light of our in-jokes or annoyances kind of resets us somehow. Especially if it’s super thoughtful and really shows I’m putting him first, above work, Harry, life admin, friendships, the dogs and everything else!

Anniversary gifts for couples

If you’re looking for anniversary gifts for couples rather than for your own partner, I always like to start by thinking of something personal to them. Do they have any joint hobbies and interests? Are there any milestones they’ve made together? Or could you find personalised anniversary gifts to create something bespoke just for them perhaps? It could be a unique piece of artwork, something for their home to make them smile every day or even some very special food and drink? Or you could choose something that’s thoughtful in a different way. Maybe you could buy something from somewhere that supports a cause they’re passionate about or that would mean a lot to them.

Anniversary gifts for parents

If you’re looking for anniversary gifts for parents, whether it’s a way for them to spend time together (an experience or event maybe), or something they’ll keep and cherish, as long as it’s got them at the heart of it, they’re bound to be thankful. There are kind of three of us in our relationship as our son Harry is such a huge part of what makes us ‘us’ so we often like to celebrate it as a family. If your parents are the same, finding a special way to spend time together will likely mean the world to them. However you choose to spend it or whatever you choose to give to those you adore, the fact that you are celebrating something as precious as getting to spend a lifetime with someone you love is what really matters. I couldn’t think of a better reason or occasion to celebrate.

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