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12 new baby gift ideas for 2024: newborn gifts to fall in love with

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By Holly Tucker

20TH MAY 2024

For me, finding the perfect new baby gift is actually a bit of a guilty pleasure. It's lovely knowing you’re bringing a happy moment to new parents but it's also just a joy to discover the most brilliant new baby gift ideas from UK small businesses. So here’s my curated list of thoughtful newborn gifts for 2024.

What do you need to buy for a newborn baby?

Yes there are various essential items that every newborn baby needs — blankets for warmth, feeding supplies, those little tiny shoes with their name on them… The thing is though, it’s not necessarily the baby that you’re buying these presents for is it? It’s the parents — the parents going without sleep, who don’t know which way is up, whose hearts are full to burst with love for this tiny new little all-consuming being; the parents you adore and want to make feel special at this landmark moment in their lives. I remember how much Harry’s gifts meant to Frank and I, and how they still make us feel all these years on. So I happen to have some ideas up my sleeve, all from UK small businesses below (or if you’re in a hurry, try my New Baby Gifts Collection)…

Factors to consider when buying a new baby gift

The parents’ lifestyle, their personalities or even their personal taste of course are all factors to consider when choosing a thoughtful new baby gift. Are they sentimental? Traditional or modern? Just plain exhausted and desperately in need of some empathy? Whatever their situation, here are some newborn gift ideas that might help.

Some of my favourite new baby gift ideas for 2024

Personalised Letters To My Children

Make Note, £29.95

For the more thoughtful parents, having somewhere for them to log their feelings, stories and dreams for their little ones as they grow can be magical. Imagine a grown up child reading these one day — life changing!

Iconic Women Muslin Swaddle Blanket & Book

Book Of Deer, £25

Tapping into what new parents believe in is another rich area for gifting. Having a keepsake that is not only useful while they’re little but also celebrates diversity and the kind of environment they want them to grow up in is likely to be well received. This swaddle and book shows 96 unique portraits of iconic women who have changed the world — perfect for baby feminists (and their parents).

Welcome To The World Gift Box

Lady Bakewell-Park, From £10

If new parents don't have time to get out and shop, foodie gifts are likely to be very welcome in their household. Especially if the present is as personal and delicious as these handmade biscuits.

Baby Stuff Large Natural Cotton Canvas Pouch

My Bags Of Stuff, £17.50

If you want to opt for something practical, make it fun too. They'll be glad of that among all the baby paraphernalia they'll be buried under! Made from thick, brushed cotton canvas, these natural pouches help everyone stay (rather stylishly) organised, too.

Whales Organic Romper

ILO, £32.40

Any parent knows how quickly babies grow out of their ‘0-3 months’ clothes, which is why these organic rompers from Ilo are such a brilliant idea. They’re harem style so are made to grow into with a minimum of six months' use for baby sizes. Plus this beautiful whale print will be one any new parent will look back on with a smile.

Personalised Memory Box

Kept & Cherished, £60

For me, having somewhere to keep precious memories safe is a lovely idea. Especially to remember all those ‘firsts’ — first shoes, first favourite toy or first tooth even (though they’re far too tiny at this stage to even contemplate that!). A box like this hand-painted, personalised one by Kept & Cherished is just perfect for the job.

Nursery Rhymes Crinkly Cloth Newspaper

Crinkly Cloth, £17.10

How about something to help with the mini one’s development? These award-winning cloth newspapers for babies sound ‘crinkly’ to stimulate auditory senses, and they can visually engage with the high-contrast illustrations. The books are safe, washable and easy to fold and pack away. The suggested age range is actually 3+ months but they’re safe for newborns and can last them through to preschool. Done!

Stripe Personalised Hand Embroidered Cushion

16ths Child, £45

Something for the nursery perhaps? These beautiful keepsake cushions can be embroidered with any name, in a range of colours and designs. Plus it’s the kind of thing they might not treat themselves to!

'Exhausted' Parent & Baby T-Shirt Set

Alphabet Bags, £38

Want to show them they’re not alone? This also comes in baby sizes and has been described as being, “The perfect t-shirt set for mums and dads who don't mind admitting that looking after a little one is exhausting!”

Hand Knitted Be Mighty, Little Mouse Bonnet

Hooked By A Fin, From £26

Or what about a newborn gift that gives new parents their very own mini mouse? This hand crocheted bonnet is carefully made using an exclusive pattern and will make every photo they take be the one that’s always talked about in years to come.

From Little Acorns New Baby Gift

Supplies For Life, £14.95

I think that giving their new bundle a heartfelt message sharing all your hopes and wishes for their future happiness makes a lovely family keepsake. This acorn can be filled with a tiny gift or note, and the little leaf can be personalised on the back with their name or date of birth — lovely!

Mother And Baby Dolls

BOKUNO, From £51.99

For something truly one-of-a-kind and intended to be kept forever, aren't these heirloom dolls by Bokuno just stunning? Handmade, designed to look like the mum and baby they’re for, and symbolising the unconditional bond between them, each pair is unique... and utterly gorgeous.

So how important is it to choose the right new baby gift?

Well considering the new parents might well hang onto these gifts forever (biscuits aside!), you’ll want to choose something high quality and made to last. Thanks to small businesses, there are plenty of ways to show your love and support. We also have collections for Baby Shower Gifts, Gifts For New Mums and Gifts For New Dads, so take a look if you need more ideas — or for more thoughtful gift inspiration, for every possible occasion, explore our gifts department.

3 quick new baby gift FAQs

1. What to gift a new mother and baby?

Well aside from the above, you could try something else that’s meaningful to mark the moment, something useful Mum will gladly use, or just something witty to make her smile. For inspiration (and to support other mums as many of the female founders on our site are mothers themselves), try my New Baby Gifts Collection. We have all kinds of cards too.

2. What gifts are helpful for first-time parents?

You could try something to keep the baby entertained (like this colourful paper birds mobile), something practical (like a pacifier holder for example), or something the parents might not have thought of (like a travel baby changing mat or similar).

3. Is it appropriate to give a gift card as a baby gift?

If you can’t find a thoughtful gift, I’m sure any parent will be thankful for a gift card as they can choose what they need. Another Loop can make you a personalised calligraphy golden ticket to represent the present itself, to have something nice to give them when you see them. Whatever you end up choosing, I hope this saves you time and that you find something they’ll absolutely adore.

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