Valentine’s Day gifts for all: because the world needs more love

Gifting Thoughtfully
By Holly Tucker


If you know people in your world feeling low on energy right now or who would just appreciate a treat, isn’t this the perfect time to show them some love?

Valentine’s Day gifts for friends (and kids, dogs and husbands!)

I’m really proud that at Holly & Co, we believe in grasping every opportunity to show love to all those we love, because we know the world simply needs more of it. So this Valentine's Day, we're taking a moment to reclaim the occasion for what it was originally intended for and do exactly that.

To us, that means scrapping the clichés and faux romanticism (eugh!), and simply using it as an excuse to remind all those around us how precious they are — because between the school run, taking the bins out and working 24/7, we don’t always get the chance do we?

So whether it’s Valentine’s Day gifts for dear friends or Valentine’s Day gifts for him (or her), or something for those recently split or for those going through a hard time, I truly believe in my heart (topical!) that this is the best occasion to make everyone feel seen and celebrated, whether they happen to be married to me or not! So how do we show them we love them (in a bit more of a surprising way)?

Valentine’s Day: turning tradition on its head

Whether it’s everything you need for a Nap Date (for those who can’t face busy restaurants or would much rather do something a little different at home or with a friend anyway), or flowers done differently (ie. ones made to last that all your loved ones will love), I’ve found the perfect creative small businesses to help make it memorable. But who could you treat this year?

Personally, I like to show my niece how much I adore her and to make her childhood memories as loving as they could be. I want her to grow up surrounded by love so she can feel it in her bones, rather than half hoping for it from a partner one day that might never ‘get it right’. I want my sister to know that she’s doing a great job and that I probably don’t tell her as often as I should just how lost I’d be without her; how she’s the Kevin to my Roland and always will be, no matter what (even though she’ll hate that I’ve just said that!).

I want someone I’ll call M to know that even though her heart is breaking at the moment for all the horror she’s enduring, she will make it because she has us by her side. And yes, it shouldn’t take Valentine’s Day or any other man-made occasion to show this, but also why not? Why not use it for that? Isn’t that actually exactly what it is for? To show our love?

It will always be easier not to bother... but is that the answer?

It’s always easy not to do something isn’t it? So why bother with Valentine’s Day at all? It takes a mere second to dismiss it as being commercial claptrap and leave it altogether (and believe me, I’ve been tempted myself in the past). But with The Campaign To End Loneliness reporting that 13 million UK adults are feeling lonely¹ (almost half of us), wouldn’t it help to just find a small way to make someone else smile this year? Wouldn’t it be a lovely surprise to send something truly thoughtful or beautiful to cheer them up (and if it’s not from their dream partner but you, does it matter)?

Just think what would mean the most to them. An insightful card? Something they’ll use everyday? Something you could personalise in a clever way? Any special passions of theirs or in-jokes between you? Whatever you choose doesn’t have to be expensive but a little thought can go a long way. If you need some ideas, try our Valentine’s Day collections for inspiration. For now, I’m sending you all my love. And I’ll be sending it to everyone else I know too this year.

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