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Revolutionising a dying industry, with Fairfax Hall & Sam Galsworthy, founders of Sipsmith

This week on Conversations of Inspiration, Holly made the short journey down the road to the beautiful Sipsmith distillery in Chiswick, to meet Sipsmith founders Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall. This is a story that shows the beauty and power of building a company with a close friend, with a shared vision and passion.

Sipsmith’s story is a special one – in an industry that has not seen a new independent gin distillery opened in over 200 years, Sipsmith single-handedly changed the entire industry, simultaneously bringing with it a connection to the traditions of the gin industry, whilst also bringing the fun that its founders embody so completely.

They discuss their startup journey to success, the decision to sell their business after 10 years and their formative years that laid the foundations for building the Sipsmith empire.

Sam and Fairfax share incredibly heartfelt and emotional letters at the end of this conversation, they are not to be missed.

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