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Bumble & Earwig

South-East london

Laura Cronin, aka Bumble & Earwig specialises in the creation of miniature curiosities through the medium of needle-felting.

These artworks are inspired by antique taxidermy, museum collections, scientific illustrations, and of course David Attenborough documentaries!

Every piece is painstakingly handmade, using a barbed needle to prod at wool roving thousands of times! It’s more fun than it may sound, but it does require a lot of time and patience!

The story behind the business
Meet Laura aka Bumble & Earwig

Bumble & Earwig first began way back in 2004. After graduating from art school, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself! Whilst browsing online, I saw a tiny teddy bear that didn’t have any seams. I was intrigued how it had been made-some mysterious technique called needle-felting, I ordered some basic supplies and had a go; It wasn’t easy, but I was hooked! Around the same time, I began volunteering at a museum alongside anthropology and natural history collections. From that time, the two have been inextricably linked. I continue to work amongst museum collections, where the antique taxidermy in particular is a huge source of inspiration. In needle-felting, I have found the perfect medium for me to express my love of the natural world, both alive, and (in the case of taxidermy!) dead!

founder Credentials

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