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Simple tech add-ons to make your life easier

by team Holly & Co, with Dell Technologies

As a small business owner, technology can be not so much a minefield as an all-out war! Unlike larger corporations with an IT department to walk you through why your laptop glitches every time you press the ‘y’ on your keyboard, remind you what a dongle is, and assure you that the reason your mouse isn’t working isn’t that it’s broken, but one of the accounts team is playing a practical joke, we often have to fly solo. It means we end up turning our hands to areas that for other people would consume an entire job role. So it’s understandable that it can be a challenge to work out if there are any additions to our tech kits that would make every day run a little bit smoother.  

With help from our friends at Dell Technologies, we’ve created an essential list of valuable “add-ons” which might begin to iron out the daily challenges you may face as a small business. From additions that would see you right if you were setting up a pop-up shop for example, to extras that would support you working on the move, these smart-buys will help ensure you are never at a loose end with your tech package ever again. So first things first…

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