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My name is Simon Trewin, Founder and Chief Inkoholic. My prints, books and cards always start out with me scratching my head and thinking, “I wonder what would happen if I...." and then I am away!

Experimentation is at the heart of my practice - I love playing around with inks, vintage papers, wooden illustration blocks and historic metal type to a clanking soundtrack of my wonderful family of hand+foot operated presses. I also love classic typefaces, bold colours and an ever-present sense of how good prints can make a real instant impact. As you will see - I can rarely resist sprinkling a sense of humour in to the mix too!

Running through everything I do is my passion to help keep heritage crafts alive and to enjoy that sense of a historical connection to the printers, presses and ephemera that have come before me. I also truly believe in the benefits of slowing down, switching off and zoning into the deep focus that this process of discovery inspires in me.

In a world where everything is too fast, I enjoy nothing more than closing my studio door and diving into the rich and ever-rewarding world of letterpress printmaking.

The story behind the business
Meet The Garage Press

The Garage Press was founded in 2018 as a side-project by Literary Agent Simon Trewin. Born out of a lifelong passion for print and design, and fuelled by a family of journalists and authors, Simon bought a small vintage printing press and a box of type.

‘Like all good hobbies it soon outgrew my garage and I soon amassed a huge collection of presses, illustration blocks and cases of wooden and metal type. I still find it hard to say no to acquiring new historic print artefacts as I love discovering old techniques and reinventing them to suit my own inky rebel tendencies! In addition to my secret personal print room where I make my Holly & Co goodies I am part of a public print studio within an educational trust Bell House in Dulwich Village where I run workshops and encourage hands-on visitors at an almost always-Open Studio.

founder CredentialS

  • 50s Plus Founder
  • Neurodivergent Business






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