The 'Mansplaining' 10 X Notecard Set

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Introducing "Mansplaining" Notecards – Empower Your Message with a Touch of Wit!

Add a dash of humor and assertiveness to your correspondence with our "Mansplaining" Notecard set. This collection features a row of intricately handprinted small men (from some original 1920’s block in our collection) each comically pointing in different directions.

Designed to inspire a knowing laugh and provoke thought, these notecards are the perfect blend of sass and style.

Dare you give them to a friend or just keep them for yourself?!

Whether you're sending a thank-you note, a birthday greeting, or a quick hello, these notecards elevate your words with a touch of irony.

They're not just cards; they're conversation (OR ARGUMENT...) starters, icebreakers that bring a smile to your recipient's face.

In a world that often calls for assertiveness, these notecards offer a lighthearted way to reclaim the narrative. The row of men pointing in various directions humorously flips the script on the concept of "mansplaining," turning it into a source of empowerment.

Share these notecards with friends, colleagues, and kindred spirits who appreciate a witty twist on tradition. Frame them as mini art pieces, or keep them handy for those moments when you want to make a statement that's both clever and unforgettable.

Or just explain to your friends where you bought them from and IN EXTREME DETAIL how they were made….

Need to know

We have been collecting these little chaps for a while. They are officially called 'Presenters' and they come from the American Type Foundry in the early 1920's where a printer could order them individually or as a very annoying set. They were probably used on adverts, in theatre programmes and on types of ephemera that needed the reader to take particular note of something!
We now have about three complete sets and have been wondering what to do with them.......until now!

These are printed in a custom-mix baby blue oil-based ink from Lyme Bay Press onto good quality GFSmith card stock. Blank on the reverse for your message. This is early days but we predict that if you check back after Christmas there may well be a whole MANSPLAINING range. Actually we can reveal here that our very amazing screenprinting friend Neera Sehgal is, at this very moment, doing some test-prints for us on the world's very first MANSPLAINING tea-towel!

We handprinted these cards in our secret Sydenham home studio on a 1950's Ayers and Jardine Showcard press - hand-inking the little men first. They will arrive to you with a little protective belly-band and in a little glassine bag. And they will no doubt tell you ALL ABOUT how the postal system works!


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The Garage Press

south London

My name is Simon Trewin, Founder and Chief Inkoholic. My prints, books and cards always start out with me scratching my head and thinking, “I wonder what would happen if I...." and then I am away!

Experimentation is at the heart of my practice - I love playing around with inks, vintage papers, wooden illustration blocks and historic metal type to a clanking soundtrack of my wonderful family of hand+foot operated presses. I also love classic typefaces, bold colours and an ever-present sense of how good prints can make a real instant impact. As you will see - I can rarely resist sprinkling a sense of humour in to the mix too!

Running through everything I do is my passion to help keep heritage crafts alive and to enjoy that sense of a historical connection to the printers, presses and ephemera that have come before me. I also truly believe in the benefits of slowing down, switching off and zoning into the deep focus that this process of discovery inspires in me.

In a world where everything is too fast, I enjoy nothing more than closing my studio door and diving into the rich and ever-rewarding world of letterpress printmaking.