Holly's favourite Christmas cards & wrap


Finding the right Christmas cards and Christmas gift wrap is like giving a gift in itself. If they are insightful in some way or beautifully designed, they become inexpensive ways to lift the spirits. To track down a Christmas card this good (and Christmas wrapping paper too), you know you can trust Holly.

From Christmas to birthdays

unexpected cards & stationery

Notebooks & to-dos

for precious thoughts and endless lists

Who doesn't love a good notebook? Whether they house genius ideas, unforgettable quotes or just (let's face it) those long, long lists of things-to-do. Notepads with extraordinary covers or personalised notepads even, make wonderful gifts for all kinds of people.

Cards for every occassion

with added thoughtfulness

Marbled stationery

you just have to have

Have you ever watched marbled stationery being handmade? It's mesmerising. Such a unique process with truly beautiful results. Want to see some of our favourites? We've collected them for you here.

Stationeryphiliac heaven

what can we help you with?

Books to excite the mind

reading to change your life

Some books are so incredibly powerful that they alter your whole way of thinking. Whether you're looking for a gift for them or a treat for you, our little library is carefully curated to get brilliant minds racing.

Cards, stationery & books

Snail mailers rejoice! Our original cards, stationery and books await. For those who understand the power of poetry, love to be inspired into random cards of thoughtfulness or just get excited by unique desk accessories, gift wrap or craft, this one's for you.