Andy Poplar (Vinegar & Brown Paper)

[Vinegar & Brown Paper] was founded by Andy Poplar in 2011, after he left his award winning career in advertising.

His job as a copywriter had left him burnt out, unwell and in need of doing something different with his life. The idea of etching on glass came to him, and now his witty words adorn beautiful objects such as apothecary bottles, wall mirrors and even our beautiful loo light switch at the Holly & Co Work/Shop!

Andy says that now, he feels like the person he always wanted to be, “I spent my entire career being paid to come up with ideas for other people. It’s only now though that I genuinely feel creatively fulfilled by what I do, because these days I spend my time coming up with ideas for me.”

Andy will be speaking as part of the ‘Growing a Strong Brand & Doing What you Love’ panel, alongside Jo Tutchener-Sharp (Scamp & Dude), Otegha Uwagba (Women Who)Vicky Graham (Vicky’s Donuts) and Amy Elson (Chambers & Beau).