Who says it needs to be inside? Why it might be good to switch it up this year.

Some of us aren’t entirely comfortable with spending even more time indoors this year. Yes it’s warm but it’s also stuffy and after all those months working from home, it kind of got me thinking. Like many people, we paid extra attention to our garden over the last 18 months so why not make the most of it and treat it like the outdoor room it should actually be?

Ok I might’ve gone to the extreme and bought a massive outdoor daybed but still, we’ll use it for years to come and studies show that spending time alfresco can help restore mental energy, improve the mood and relieve stress. If you don’t have a garden, why not pack a festive picnic, wrap up warm and go somewhere beautiful to open your gifts? Richmond Park’s even got its own deer and how festive is that?! Better still, go on ahead, take some decorations and create a mini festive scene. If there’s one thing Lockdown’s taught us, it’s to make the most of what we’ve got on our doorsteps with the ones we love.

All rooms need some uplifting artwork (even outdoor ones). So how about this Christmas wall hanging stitch kit from Cotton Clara? I love gifting her craft kits too — to help those I love take some all-important mindfulness time.

Holly and Mudley Christmas Tree

Of course you’ll need to wear something comfy to prep all this in. I love my beautiful sheepskin Sheepers which are as colourful as they are cosy AND are ethically made using off-cuts. The founder works with the Gorale people in Poland to help bring stability and continue this trade that was dying out. Plus it’s not just us that need to be beautifully dressed. You might notice I’ve added a burst of colour and creativity to the tree, whilst being friendly to the planet, by dressing mine in recycled sari fabric by the brilliant Pri Pri. Just the ticket for brightening up the branches (and dog!). 

Pink Bauble

And speaking of colourful, how fun are these baubles by The Conscious? Each one is woven by hand so no two are the same.

Outdoor Christmas Tree

Thank you The Basket Room, these will do nicely. Who says hanging baskets are for spider plants and indoors only? Plus I love knowing the profits from these go to helping support women working in weaving cooperatives across Africa, too.

Paper garlands

And how beautiful are these paper garlands from The Conscious? They’re hand-dyed, made from 100% sustainably-sourced paper and wrapped in plastic-free packaging. They’re intended to be reused and eventually recycled, too. Honestly, you’d think Mr Mudley would look happier about it…

Naked Marshmallow

Surely no Christmas scene would be complete without The Naked Marshmallow Company’s toasted treats? Is it too early for breakfast? Asking for a friend…


Finally, for those who partake, how about hanging these outdoors ready for a festive evening cocktail? Aren’t the bottles just the prettiest things? They’re filled with real English rose flavoured gin made from scratch in Cornwall no less (though this certainly doesn’t grow on trees as it’s the handmade, artisan variety!). For more innovative drink ideas, take a look at my Holly loves… a tipple gift guide.

Now this is all just ideas for Christmas of course, but there’s no reason we can’t carry this on through to next year. We should probably all be spending more time in the fresh air anyway. Entrepreneur Mo Gawdat says that the reason we all feel happier in nature is that we have fewer expectations from it and accept the chaos of it. Maybe that’s a good lesson for life in general. Where’s your happy place? Wherever it is, I hope you get to spend some time there soon.


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