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There’s no doubt about it, men are by far the hardest people to buy for (closely followed by teenage boys it seems). Retailers would have us believe that socks, golf and beer are all the men in our life are interested in — but fear not, I have the perfect collection of original gifts to show your other half some love (and Frank if you are reading this — please look away now).

Bottles with wine tags

Personalised leather bottle tag, by Parkin & Lewis: Just when you think every gift has been created, I found these genius leather wine tags. They can be personalised by Joanna Lewis, founder of Parkin & Lewis, with any message, in-joke or special date you want.

Print that says Love Deeply

Love deeply print, by Basil & Ford: Bringing fluorescent fun to your walls, Basil & Ford breathe new life into this 1970 ‘Historic Submarines’ book plate with their bold screen print style — perfect for decorating his favourite space.

Mug with hidden message reading I Bloody Love You

‘I bloody love you’ cup, by KATE. Ceramics: If your house is anything like mine, the mornings are spent running around without so much as a hello. With this handmade secret message mug however, they’ll be reminded that you love them every single day.

Perfect Match match pot

Perfect match pot, by Faye Wellon Ceramics: Lighting a candle sets a romantic mood, but why hide the matches in the drawer when stoneware maker Faye has handcrafted such a beautiful home for them? She’s also created clay kits if you fancy a 90s film-inspired date idea.

Trivet that says Hot Stuff

Hot stuff wood trivet, by Wood Paper Scissors: Husband and wife founders Lindsay and Tony create sustainable products with locally sourced materials on the Cornish coast. Solid oak, this ‘Hot Stuff’ trivet perfectly combines fun and function.

Hankie that says 'you and me' on it

‘Me and you’ hankie, by Mr.PS: You heard it from me first, hankies are making a comeback! I adore the modern take that Mr.PS has screen printed onto this 100% cotton hankie. Well, I did nod to being there in sickness and in health.

Buoyancy aid from Choose Love

Sea rescue, by Choose Love: Choose Love is a charity leading a movement to turn love into action across the world. This ‘Sea Rescue’ is a gift of providing life saving equipment supporting the rescue effort of those attempting to cross dangerous seas in search a safety.

Prints that say ' me and you' 'you and me'

‘Me & You’ screen print, by Anthony Burrill: Sometimes you just have to spell it out in black and white. This iconic, signed print from Anthony Burrill is the perfect way to show your love and remind you that no matter what you face as a couple, you’re in it together.

Bottle 'Love Potion No. 9'

Love Potion No. 9 bottle, by [vinegar & brown paper]: If I’m ever lost for words, wordsmith Andy Poplar, founder of [vinegar & brown paper] will always have the answer. So of course he has the perfect cure to finding a thoughtful gift for Frank.

Heart-shaped grazing platter

‘Brie mine’ heart, by Berry and Brie: I’ve been a fan of Berry and Brie since founder Mako created the most incredible buffet for my wedding. So if you have a cheese lover in your life, I know this grazing platter will not disappoint (as long as you can resist tucking in before you’ve actually gifted it!).

Cocktail napkins, by Style Your Spaces: Whether your other half prefers Negronis, Mojitos or Espresso Martinis there’s now an embroidered napkin for the occasion and I could not love them more. I’ll take eight Margaritas please (napkins of course!).

Chocolate that says 'stop fucking snoring'

‘Stop fucking snoring’ chocolate, by Choco Loco: Perhaps if I say it in chocolate it will be better received than a sharp kick to his legs? Eitherway, if all else fails, at least I can pinch it as a snack to nibble on whilst I am kept awake by the snoring.

Paper hand that says 'you have my heart'

‘You have my heart’ card, by Hadley Paper Goods: If you need a helping hand to find a card for the one you love, look no further than Jo’s beautiful hand drawn designs. They start life as original artworks and have wondrously unique shapes.

Soap that says 'I fancy you' on it

Soppy soap Valentine’s edition, by Modo Creative: Made from lovely ylang ylang and orange in Yorkshire, these soapy bars will make your loved one want to drop everything and run for the tub. You can even have a bespoke message of your choice engraved — the cheekier the better.

Need more inspiration? Try my Valentine’s gift guides for the little ones, friends or for those who love sending letters. Meanwhile, what would your other half love? Do let me know in the comments below.


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