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If your phone pings and a notification pops up on the screen, do you jump straight into action to resolve it? Guilty! But if we’re honest with ourselves, we don’t give our thoughts and feelings that same level of attention. Carving out small opportunities in our busy calendars to check in with how our mind and body is coping is an essential way of reminding ourselves to do the things which bring us calm and make sure we don’t drift away from the positive actions which help us thrive. Here is a list of brilliant finds to help you make the most of moments of reflection and rest.

Stitch your year calendar by Make and Mend

‘Stitch your year’ desk calendar, by Make & Mend Company: Setting your intentions is a great way to ensure you are squeezing all the goodness out of each month. Bring your positive affirmation to life in thread and dedicate a peaceful hour to a therapeutic activity.

Mini Mindful Candles by Modo Creative

Mini mindful moments candle set, by Modo Creative: Lighting a candle is a well-known way to begin a period of reflection, and each one of the small, honey-scented meditation candles — by brilliant husband and wife team Emma and Andrew — burns for 20 minutes, so you can clear your mind and relax.

'Get your boots on' print by Survival Techniques

‘Get your boots on’ print, by Survival Techniques: Mother Nature is the queen of mindfulness, gifting us an abundance of lovely landscapes to explore. Survival Techniques are giving us a valuable directive in this bold colourful print — get your boots on, get outside and breathe. It’s great for the brain and for creativity, too.

'Ten Deep Breathes' bracelet

Ten deep breaths bracelet, by Dept. Store for the Mind: Did you know, when you’re anxious you breathe in more than out? For each bead on this bracelet, you inhale for seven and exhale for eleven, flooding your body with all the helpful hormones you need to relax.

Remember to breathe mini flag

Custom flag, by Emma Giacalone: One of the winners of my 2021 Fairy Godmother Awards, lovely Emma’s hand-embroidered custom pennant flags can be popped in a plant pot on your desk or even a cupcake for someone else as a kind reminder to take a breath.

Breathe book by Do Books

Do ‘breathe’ book, by The Do Book Company: You’ve heard of wellbeing, but what about ‘welldoing’? It’s a term coined by mindfulness coach Michael Townsend Williams, as he shows us that busy lives do not have to cost us our health and happiness.

Mindful notebook by Bread and Jam

‘Place to empty my head’ notepad, by Bread & Jam: The weight of the world can be heavy at times. Use this notepad to scribble down your concerns and then it can hold them for you whilst you get a restful night’s sleep.

Strike for calm matches

Luxury matches, by SevenSeventeen: Even the boxes of these lovely long matches from vegan candle brand SevenSeventeen bring about feelings of tranquillity and calm. They make the perfect accompaniment to your scented candles and 10% of profits go to mental health charities.

Pause for mindfulness notebook

‘Press pause’ mindfulness journal, by Axel & Ash: This is a mindfulness journal with a difference. It has space to explore and document the events of your week, and features inspiring stories and useful prompts throughout to make your reflective moments even more fulfilling.

Nicola Rowland Lavender Bag

Handmade lavender bag, by Nicola Rowlands: Occasionally you just have to say it like it is, and Nicola Rowlands’ hilarious sweary lavender bags will be sure to ward off any family member who dares to disturb your rest.

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